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This domain has been in existence since 2002. It was registered for the purpose outlined in the blurb below. Two domains were registered at the time;, for the purposes outlined here, and which was intended to eventually be passed on to a third-party non-profit entity whose purpose would be to keep as a business enterprise honest, and to create open-source systems necessary to support and verify the trust system. is intended to be a news site that deals in: Important Stuff, old or new. Real news that is important enough to pass on to your friends. About this document This document is simply descriptive, but we hope you can get the gist of the ideas involved:  We do not presume we know more about any of this than you do; we are just placing what we are saying in context.  Trust The core thing we have to offer is trust. We see our role (the role of as a trusted intermediary -- an agent -- that acts on behalf of